St. John Bosco Parish Makati

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guidelines for baptismal rites


One Sunday monthly, as scheduled by the parish office, at 2:00 pm (DOWNLOAD GUIDELINES)

REGISTRATION At least three weeks before the Baptism date.


SUBMIT the following upon registration:

1.   Photo copy of the child’s Birth Certificate

2.   Permit from the parent’s church to have their child’s Baptism outside of their own parish  (for non- parishioners only) , and

PRESENT the following upon registration or during the seminar:

1.   Original copy of Parents’ Catholic Marriage Contract

2.  Confirmation Certificate of Sponsors, if single and Catholic Marriage Contract, if married

FEES (Non-refundable)
Php 300.00
 for the principal sponsors (first pair) inclusive of the cost of baptismal candles and certificate;
Php 100.00 for every additional sponsor      (Php 200.00 per pair)

Parents who want their child baptized should be married in the Catholic Church. If parents want their child to grow in the Catholic faith, they should live this faith and follow the discipline of the Catholic Church. Parishioners who are married civilly or not married at all should see the Parish Priest for an interview before the seminar.

Non-parishioners who are married or not married at all are advised to have the baptism in their respective parishes.  However, if there is a valid need to do so, parents can take this up with the Parish Priest.

Sponsors must be Catholics who have received the sacraments of Christian initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist, and are practicing Catholics (active in the celebration of the Sacraments – Eucharist and Reconciliation.)

Foremost of all, the sponsors must be willing to undertake the responsibility of partnership with the parents, in the Catholic upbringing of the child into a mature and committed Christian.

Parents are only allowed to have a maximum of five (5) pairs of sponsors.

Parents and all Sponsors are required to be present and attend a Baptismal Seminar.  Baptismal Seiminar is held every Saturday from 2:30-5:00pm. Parents and Sponsors may choose one Saturday to attend, but at least three weeks before the scheduled Baptism.

The celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism is a celebration of the parish community.  It is celebrated within the Holy Mass on a Sunday designated for Baptism, from 2:00-3:30pm.

In Baptism, your child becomes a member of the Church.  Our parish community is glad to welcome and be present in this meaningful beginning of your child's journey in faith.  In this context, Baptism becomes more meaningful when more people pray for your child.

To show the communitarian dimension of the sacrament, the parish does not encourage individual/special baptism except for serious reasons (medical, emergency cases, security, etc.) "For convenience" is not a serious reason.

Proper church decorum is strictly enforced. All are expected to dress properly and decently for church. Ladies wearing dresses with plunging/revealing necklines, backless attires, or short skirts, and men wearing “sandos” and shorts will not be allowed to enter the church.

Picture taking is allowed only during the actual baptismal rite. Please refrain from taking pictures during the Holy Mass. Allotted time will be given for picture taking after the Holy Mass.