St. John Bosco Parish Makati

Live the Dream



"My children, jump, run and play and make all the noise you want but avoid sin like the plague and you will surely gain heaven."

"To know that you are young is sufficient reason for me to care for your welfare. I care for you, because you have in your hearts the treasure of virtue."

"Learn to flee from bad companions and bad books. Instead, look for good ones."

"One can have much fun without offending God."


"Preventive system consists in making the rules, and regulations of an institute known, then in being vigilant so that the pupils may always be under the watchful eyes of the director and the assistants, who like loving fathers talk with them, guide them in any difficulty and give them advice and corrections in a kind manner. "

"Spend as much time as you can with your pupils. Try to whisper a kind word to them privately, as you well know, whenever you see the need. This is the great secret of becoming the master of their hearts."

"Remember that boys break rules more through thoughtlessness than through malice, more through lack of supervision than through evil intent. Constantly look after them, discretely keep an eye on them, take part in their games and put up with their noise making and the unavoidable inconvenience they cause you." 


"The Messiah had founded a church, the sole hope of salvation for all men. This church is the Roman Catholic church which alone through the centuries has preserved truths taught and confirmed by Jesus Christ and has never broken the lawful succession of his Vicar from St. Peter to the present supreme Pontiff, all of them endowed with the plenitude of power independent of all human authority. "

"If you are with Pope you are with Christ himself. Therefore vow fidelity and love to him unto death." 

"In matters of religion I stand with the Pope, and as a good Catholic, I intend to stand with him until death."

"Popes are the pivots around which Church history should revolve, and the history of Church, to be such has to be a history of Popes." 

"No one can call himself a Catholic and still reject the Pope." 


"Never give harsh reproof or ridicule but only charitable mutual admonition." 

"When you give advice or counsel always try to send the person away satisfied and still friendly to you."

"Love one another, advise one another, correct one another and never be carried away by envy or rancour."


"There are two things the devil is deadly afraid of: Frequent communions and frequent visit to Blessed Sacrament."

"When tempted, turn immediately to your guardian angel and ask him with all your heart, “My guardian angel help me now. Do not let me offend my God."

"Do you want to outwit the devil? Never let him catch you idle. Work, study and pray and you will surely overcome your spiritual enemy."

"The three enemies of men are: death, which overtake him by surprise, time, which keeps slipping by, the devil who seeks to ensnare him."


"An Oratory without music is like a body without a soul."

"The music of the young should be listened to with the heart and not with the ears."


"What do the pleasures of this world amount to? What is not eternal is worth nothing."

"By detachment from the things of the earth, I mean detachment from questionable people, from unlawful pleasure, from too sentimental friendships, and from foods and beverages which can occasion gluttony."

"One day we shall have to leave this world's goods. If we give them up now, the Lord will reward us; if not, we shall have to leave them at death and receive nothing in return."